Jakub Chrzanowski



Android project, which allows you to see whose is the phone number that you received via SMS. You can quickly call back this number or send a message. Everything from the notification bar.

.gitignore support

.gitignore support plugin for IntelliJ IDEA (and other JetBrains IDEs). Plugin allows (or will allow) to highlight syntax, autogenerate .gitignore rules based on GitHub gitignore repository and more.


Google Chrome extension for StackExchange sites that introduces Favorite User feature. With this browser extension you can watch your friends from StackOverflow and other sites and highlight their questions and posts.


Contribution in Timber project, which involves Twig template system into WordPress.

In Memoriam

Restore connection after flashing new CyanogenMod 11

Allow all users from `www-data` group to access projects dir

Tell Gradle to use daemon for building projects

Load missing GPG keys in Debian

VIM configuration

Spotify fix for working radio